Cruise Navy ship Branimir Ormanov, Bulgaria
11-15  September 2000

The cruise was conducted by Navy ship “Branimir Ormanov” – during 11-15  September 2000 on a standard station-network. The activities include physical, chemical, biological and geological basic studies  in the frame of the multidisciplinary oceanographic investigations of the Institute of Oceanology, BAS and within the objectives of the NATO Project with focus on interaction between hydrophysical/ hydrochemical processes and the structure and functioning of biological communities of the Western Black Sea ecosystem.

The summary of parameters, samples and responsible scientists:



Samples Responsible scientist
STD – casts 44  

Dr. Christo Slabakov,
 Dr. Delcho Solakov

Secchi disk 14

Chemical vertical series:

Dr. Christo Slabakov
Anton Krastev
Dr.Galina Shtereva
Ogniana Christova,

oxygen, 32 154 (down to 200m)
nitrates + nitrites +ammonium, 32 138 (down to 100m)
phosphates 32 154 (down to 200m)
silicates, 32 138 (down to 100m)
POC 32 138 (down to 100m)
Nano-Microphytoplankton 32 138 (down to 100m) Dr. Snejana Moncheva
Chlorophyll “a” 32 138 (down to 100m) Dr. Snejana Moncheva
Mesozooplankton 32 83 (down to 150m) Lyudmila Kamburska
Prof. Asen Konsulov
Jelly fish and Noctiluca 32 83 (down to 150m) Lyudmila Kamburska
Zoobenthos 27 27 Valentina Todorova, Dr. Tzenka Konsulova
Sediments 27 27 Valentina Doncheva

The biological and part of chemical samples are in a phase of processing.

The location of the stations.



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