Bilim 2001 Black Sea Cruise

Two quasisynoptic survey of the South-western Black Sea region with near mesoscale resolution were carried out during May – June 2001. The general plan were to obtain two quasisynoptic surveys of the region with near mesoscale resolution ~25 km and sub-mesoscale survey with finer resolution in areas of interest. 

The survey was divided into two legs, each of about 6 days. The initial quasisynoptic survey, Leg 1, was carried out during May 22-28, 2001. The second leg was carried out during June 12-18, 2001. The network of stations for each leg is given in Figure.

The objectives of the following projects directed the cruise research plan.

General objective was.

Specific Objectives were


Bilim May-June 2001 Cruise 
Station locations

Summary of the measurements

Participants for the Bilim May-June 2001 Expedition

Name Other information

Leg 1

Dr. Şükrü Beşiktepe  chief scientist
Dr. Mihai Burca Romania
Dr. Nugzar Buachidze  
Dr. Keith M. Bayha  
Mehmet Demirel  engineer
Emin Hatipoğlu technician
Hasan Örek  student
Selahattin Erdoğan  student
Murat Telli  student
Murat Gündüz  student
Sahin Bulut  CTD technician
Mustafa Asar  CTD technician

Leg 2

Dr.Semal Yemenicioğlu  chief scientist
Adil Sezer  student
Hasan Örek  student
Doruk Yılmaz  student
Tahir Tutsak  CTD technician
Selahattin Erdoğan  student
Murat Gündüz  student
Mehmet Demirel  engineer
Saim Cebe  technician
Esabil Kakaç  technician
Ahmet Ayhan  technician
Hasan Uslu technician



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