Initiation of Project

   The first highly significant NATO Science for Stability Program activity in the Black Sea Region - NATO TU-Black Sea project - was terminated as of 1 January, 1998. This multi-institutional project was a 5-year research activity. It was conducted through the Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University (IMS METU), in Erdemli, Turkey.
   At the end of January, 1998, representatives of major Marine Research institutions of the Black Sea regions met on the meeting in Sevastopol, Ukraine. All participants of meeting had a long-standing and successful collaboration within the framework of the NATO TU-Black Sea project. The meeting confirmed necessity of joint scientific research and initiated development of a new project being continuation of previous. As a result BLACK SEA ECOSYSTEM PROCESSES AND FORECASTING / OPERATIONAL DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM project of NATO Science for Peace Program was approved at the second half of 1998.

Partisipants of Jan.1998 meeting
Participants of meeting. From left to right:  V. Zaika (IBSS, UKRAINE), V. Vladimirov (MHI, UKRAINE) , A.Mikaelyan (SIO, RUSSIA), V. Eremeev (MHI, UKRAINE), M. Vinogradov (SIO, RUSSIA),U. Unluata (IMS METU, TURKEY), R. Kos’yan (SB SIO, RUSSIA), I.Salihoglu (IMS METU, TURKEY), L. Ivanov (MHI, UKRAINE) , A. Bologa (RMRI, ROMANIA), Ö. Bastürk (IMS METU, TURKEY), G. Korotaev (MHI, UKRAINE)



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