The Black Sea Oceanographic Data Inventory

Version 1.22

First version of this Inventory was created in the framework of the NATO Science for Stability TU-Black Sea Project. Main information to the Inventory was provided by eight institutes from six countries: IBSS NASU, Ukraine; IMS-METU, Turkey; IO BAS, Bulgaria; MHI NASU, Ukraine; RMRI, Romania; SIO RAS, Russia; SB-SIO RAS, Russia; WHOI, USA.

New datasets were added to the Inventory for period 1996-2000 in the framework of the NATO Science for Peace ODBMS Project. The following number of new datasets was provided by the riparian countries: Bulgaria - 3, Romania - 37, Russia - 21, Turkey - 10, Ukraine - 4.

The Inventory is developed as Windows application. It contains information about data collected in data sets. You can see how many stations were carried out for each parameter measured in a data set. It is possible to navigate through data sets and stations with the help of keyboard or mouse clicking on the map. Information on the current data set and station is displayed instantly. A user can select data sets on time, region, country, institutions, measured data, etc.

Data included into Inventory are divided into three groups: Physics (13 variables); Chemistry (24 variables) and Biology (14 variables).

The Inventory contains information on 552 datasets since 1933 till 2000 (11 scientific institutions, 36 research vessels, 25275 stations, 51 variables).

The software was developed at the Database Laboratory of Marine Hydrophysical Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine jointly with the Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University.

Software developers: Alexandr Konoplyanikov, Vladyslav Lyubartsev, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko

Project supervisor: Dr. Vladimir Vladymyrov

Download The Black Sea Oceanographic Data Inventory (1,916 Kb)



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