Summer School on Combining Ocean Data and Dynamics.
21-27 October, 2002

Summer School on Combining Ocean Data and Dynamics was held in Erdemli at the Institute of Marine Sciences, Middle East Technical University, Turkey on 21-27 October 2002. The main aim of the course was to provide the students with a basic grounding in the principles of the modeling and forecasting of ecosystem processes plus the experience in oceanographic database management, with special attention to the Black Sea region.

Lecturers were invited from Turkey, USA, Italy and Ukraine to cover a wide range of disciplines such as:

    • Coupled physical and biological modeling
    • Satellite data processing and assimilation in to models
    • Observation systems and data analysis
    • Oceanographic Data Base Management
    • Data Driven simulations and forecasting

Students were drawn from countries surrounding the Black Sea (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia), mainly from the institutes – participants of the NATO SfP-971818 Project.

List of Lectures

Lecturer  Title
Dr. Giuseppe M.R. Manzella Built an initial operational observation system
Dr. Giuseppe M.R. Manzella Observation systems and data analysis
Dr. Giuseppe M.R. Manzella Near Real Time Data Management in Adricosm
Dr. C. Lozano Coupled physical and biological modelling
Dr. S. Stanichy Remote sensing of Ocean: bands and sensors
Dr. S. Stanichy AVHRR, SeaWiFS and MODIS data for the Black Sea mesoscale processes study
Dr. V.Vladimirov Black Sea Regional Historical Interdisciplinary Database
Dr. V.Vladimirov Sources of Data and Information for the Black Sea: Web-Based Resources
Dr. V.Vladimirov Quality Control of data: general principles
Dr. V.Vladimirov General Review of the Database Management in Marine Sciences and overview of the OceanBase system
Dr. G. Korotaev Needs in observations of the Black Sea basin
Dr. G. Korotaev The use of altimeter measurements for estimations of the water balance
Dr. G. Korotaev Retrieving of the dynamical sea level from space altimeter data
Dr. G. Korotaev Data assimilation principles and reconstruction of the Black Sea four-dimensional climate
Dr. G. Korotaev Coupling of the Black Sea and atmosphere in frame of the seasonal cycle
Dr. G. Korotaev Assimilation of altimeter data in the Black Sea: mesoscale variability, model initialization and forecasting capabilities
Dr. Şükrü T. Beşiktepe Development of Black Sea Ocean Observing and Prediction System
Dr. Şükrü T. Beşiktepe Data Driven simulations and forecasting
Historical Black Sea Data Base, OceanBase system: training on data preparation, loading and general quality control.
Historical Black Sea Data Base, OceanBase system: training on data selection and analysis, data plotting and mapping.

The practical component comprised a series of intensive training sessions with the Black Sea Database and special database management application OceanBase.

The CD with full set of materials of the Summer School "Combining Ocean Data and Dynamics" was prepared and distributed to the all participants. The CD includes presentations done by the lecturers, the most recent version of the OceanBase Explorer software system, and Historical Black Sea Database created in the framework of the NATO SfS TU-Black Sea Project. The database contains data for 116 variables from 271 data sets, including 8,364,731 data values for 26,035 stations.



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