NATO TU Black Sea Project Database CD ROM

The final version of the NATO TU Black Sea Project Database contains data for 116 variables from 271 data sets, including 8,364,731 data values for 26,035 stations and is loaded into a CD-ROM (view data statistics). ASCII version of database includes 12,790 files (149.4 MB). The total volume of data base and information contained in the CD-ROM is 302 Mbytes.

Specialized Database Management System OceanBase 2.02 TU-BS is integrated very closely with data collected in a framework of the project. This software and the database are distributed on CD-ROM together and should be considered as the whole.

Distribution policy.

Database supplied with DBMS OceanBase 2.02 TU-BS was distributed on CD-ROM among participants of the NATO TU Black Sea Project in January 1998. Until January 1, 2001, use of the data was restricted to project participants. Starting from May, 2001 database is available for scientific community.

Requests for NATO TU Black Sea Project Database CD ROM should be directed to:

Middle East Technical University
Institute of Marine Sciences

Address: P.O.Box 28 Erdemli - Icel 33731 Turkey
Tel : +90-324-521-2406
Fax : +90-324-521-2327
Customers are asked to cover expences for mailing of CD-ROM.

Any usage of data from the OceanBase 2.02 TU-BS must be acknowledged as follows: “The data (part of the data) used here originate from the database prepared in the framework of the NATO TU-Black Sea project”. 



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